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The Heaviest Thing in the World.

Lately, the weather is sooooooo godly good to sleep in.

I’m having some hard time getting out of bed these few days.

 The comforter somehow feels heavier than before.

It takes 100x much effort, strength and will power than before to move it off my body.

There were times when I managed to got out from bed, it dragged me back in again. T3T

Damn you weather! You’re standing in my way of world domination!


I am a Gamer




**exact screen shot of the Facebook updates**

=..=  My stupid nephew…


That Girl called me Kak

The other day, I bumped into Pauline from Super_Long_URL_Comic_Blog.

P/S: Kak are usually address to older ladies to even aunties.

A moment there, I was convinced that she did that.

*swallow saliva*

Girls are scary…




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