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McDonald’s Coca Cola Contour Glass

McD Coke Glass

McD Coke Glass-1

McD Coke Glass-1-1

McD Contour Glasses

Yess!! The limited edition Coca Cola glasses are back!!
With All 7 Vibrant Colors exclusive to Malaysia for grabs!!

From Cool Blue, Perky Pink, Fortune Green, Royal Purple, Fresh Lime, Iconic Grey to Sparkly Clear! 😀

Only one color at launch and release each time!!

And there is no set date for the launch of each color, so do keep track at any McD restaurant nearby or at McD’s home site for the available color.

McD Coke Glass-2

McD Coke Glass-3

My Royal Purple Glass

Please do hurry to the nearby restaurant to check them out as the glasses are limited and only available within a limited period.


Just walk in any restaurant and purchase a Large McValue meal with a Sundae like this.

Coca Cola Grey Contour Glass

And received your Coca Cola Limited Contour Glass absolutely FREE!!

I just received the Cool Grey Coca Cola Contour Glass the other day. Now I have 4 more glasses to collect as I already have another Fortune Green and Cool Blue from last year back at home. 😛

Maybe when I manage collect 7 of them I can summon The Dragon God and grant my wish. (Please refer to DragonBall :P)

McD Coke Glass-4

Okay I was kidding about this part but how I wish it could be true


DiGi Music Unlimited

digi music club

digi music club-1

digi music club-2

digi music club-3

digi music club -4

digi music club -5

digi music club -6

digi music club -7

digi music club-8

Wooohooo!! Do come and register as soon as possible as the free exclusive All American Rejects concert tickets will be given out on a first come first serve basic!!

Hohohoh.. no worries about that as there is another alternative way to get the tickets! ^^
Just click this WIDFM(Facebook) and WIDFM(Friendster) which stands for “What I’ll do for music”. It’s a Facebook and Friendster application that allows you to trade favors with buddies and in exchange for All American Rejects tickets!!

Awesome right? That’s means MORE tickets to the DiGi Music Live Concert!

digi music club-9

digi music club-10


The Secret of Lurve Facebook

I found this application from Facebook.

It seems like Twisties Lurve is having a contest in Facebook where you can actually win hard cash from it. Being very generous, Twisties Lurve is giving out a total of RM13k of cash to the winners with the grand prize as high as RM5k.

Click Here.

Seriously, its quite easy.

First, install the applications here and register yourself up.

Do click HERE to join and win. Remember to read the Terms and Condition too.

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