Story from Malaysian Borneo’s side

This is an entry I did for the campaign, 50×50 My Malaysia stories in conjunction of up coming Malaysia Day.

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Different people different story.

We still have a long way to go as a Malaysian. Let’s start by listening to each other stories at and see every sides of Malaysia. 🙂

Come share the Malaysia you know of, or the Malaysia you want it to be. 🙂



  • September 9, 2013 - 10:03 am | Permalink

    Exactly! You help siang siang advertise ah? XD

  • fishie
    September 9, 2013 - 11:29 am | Permalink

    I feel you bro. When I first went to KL to further my studies, one of my classmate actually asked me whether we in Sarawak still practise animisme. =__=

  • September 9, 2013 - 12:27 pm | Permalink

    so trueeeeee… how i wish west m’sia will be as open-minded as the east. my mom keep ‘halal’ cutleries at home so that she can serve her malay friends when they visit us during cny 🙂 and we would order kfc, rendang, ketupat and satay for cny open house! XD

    • September 10, 2013 - 9:17 am | Permalink

      that’s very awesome of your mum 😀
      hopefully this culture of ours here can bring over to west side.

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  • Nada
    September 9, 2013 - 12:35 pm | Permalink

    I apologized for the bad thing West Malaysian said to East Malaysian.
    Truthfully I really hate that kind of thing.
    West and East is just an ocean apart, no difference. Malaysian is Malaysian.

    • September 10, 2013 - 9:19 am | Permalink

      I, myself used to it after so many years. hehehe
      but newcomers might feel offended.

      Well, it’s all because of lack of understanding.
      Best if everyone can just stop, sit down, listen and understand each other.

  • September 9, 2013 - 1:31 pm | Permalink

    Same here! I apologize on behalf of those who may sound harsh in any way. But note that NOT ALL west malaysians are like that 🙂 Not me, at least! Btw, nice post *thumbs up*

    • September 10, 2013 - 9:20 am | Permalink

      hahaha you being here ma 😛 you sure understand what i mean hehehe
      Ya, i agree with you, not all XD

  • Asako Yuki
    September 9, 2013 - 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Im stay at penang,actually i hope penang and malaysia can separate.i love penang more than Malaysia. Malaysia is SUCK!!! >.<

    • September 10, 2013 - 9:21 am | Permalink

      technically, Penang cannot break from Malaysia but Penang might need to refer to Malaya Federation Agreement if it decides to leave the Malaya Federation.

      Malaysia Federation is made out of Sabah Sarawak and Malaya.

  • d
    September 9, 2013 - 2:53 pm | Permalink

    well said Miao! that’s exactly how i feel. things over in Malaya sure feels different.

    • September 10, 2013 - 9:22 am | Permalink

      yep, it’s different even i have stay here for almost a decade.
      Still no place feel homer than Borneo hahah

  • September 9, 2013 - 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Haha, kolok mee group vs laksa group… We should all classify people like that 😀

  • September 9, 2013 - 8:18 pm | Permalink

    Wow….laksa VS kolok mee. Nice post!
    Btw, u’ve been here 10 yrs ago……. Can I assume that your age is 30+ ?
    If so….. Wow, you look young!

  • Sam
    September 10, 2013 - 12:55 am | Permalink

    Miao I’m sorry that you have such bad experience when you first come to west malaysia.. not everyone’s like that ya.. my university mates (especially during my Foundation year) came from different ethics and cultures as well… after 7 years, most of the gang still in contact with each other and we tend to have gathering once in awhile.

    sure there are many idiots and racists in our country, but let’s not give up just yet 🙂

  • September 10, 2013 - 8:54 am | Permalink

    I love listening to stories about Borneo from my friends. Can’t wait until I finally visit there

  • September 11, 2013 - 9:38 am | Permalink

    I miss Sarawak! And I seriously feel the mee goreng there is way better than semenanjung’s..

  • September 12, 2013 - 11:36 am | Permalink

    The only thing that I find different and fascinating is the traditional outfit (which I couldn’t wear) and the 7th Day Adventist. i never knew we had that until I befriended some Sabahan. lol
    Other than that, I find that we are basically the same. Well, at least I am. haha

    • September 15, 2013 - 10:42 am | Permalink

      hahahah then you have to seek a Borneoan opinion on that XD

      • September 25, 2013 - 12:49 pm | Permalink

        oh… what d u think? haha
        Oh yes, I am still fascinated with the tanglung flying we saw last time. i forgot about that. We don’t see it here in Semenanjung. oh, and some of the food. hehe

        • October 8, 2013 - 10:06 am | Permalink

          hahah the flying tanglung is illegal 1 XD
          that’s why you don’t see it in the West. lol

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