I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution


Nuffnang is having this contest giving out ticket to DragonBall Evolution premier. All you need to do is just write a blog entry about Dragon Ball with a edited photo with KameHame Ha.

Not sure a photo of Wafu will do or not?

Actually I’m not really interested in the primeir as I’m staying in Melaka and impossible for me to go watch it. The reason I wrote this post is to win the free passes given out by Nuffnang. The passes entitied one to go watch any other future Fox’s movies which is so Awesome!!!

But I think it will be hard to win as they are given out only 3 free passes.. Nevermind, at least I try right? hehe ^^


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  1. hahaha…u also like hedgehog? why dont let wafupafu making a Fusion Super Saiyan like Little Gokou and Little Trunk’s? XD can defeat that hedgehog! woooooooo…!

    Reply: Haha but Pafu is a picolo now XD LOL

  2. I am sure you will win the creativity prizes~ ;p
    At first two slide I thought they are in a disco! Haha~

    Reply: Hahaha but too bad.. there’s no creativity prizes~

  3. So cute lar!!!! How not to laugh! I am liking your cartoon every single day 😛 hehehe

    Reply: Hahaha thank you ^^
    Hope I can make more funny cartoons

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