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Super Duper Extremely Exhausted

Tired from gym

Tired from gym-1

Gargh… Gym is tiring…

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The day Miao Collapsed.

I think I just had my most tiring Monday ever yesterday. It was only like 9 in the morning but I felt like I had been working for the whole day. I was so tired and sleepy I could not really stand it. Every and each eye blinks went longer than the previous one.

Luckily I manage to get some sleeps during the breaks but it did not helped much. I have no idea why I’m so tired as I went to sleep early the night before.

Anyway, the Cat gonna hibernate for a while. See ya soon. :)

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You know you’re tired when

WTF right?

Good thing is Weekend d but bad part of it is its gonna be a busy weekend. LOL

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