TEDxGurneyDrive: Oh Stop it, You.

The incident above happened last year when I was a illustrator partner for the TEDxGurneyDrive. I did the design for the Tshirts and also some caricature drawings of the speakers as a token of appreciation.

Then I heard that someone tried to steal my work. * Sweat *. Anyway, it was a good that the organizer helped out by keep mentioning me and my work. hehe.. Thank you :D

Anyway, here’s some photos taken with my phone camera. XD

le pretty host.

In case, you don’t know, I do Caricature too.

Everyone was laughing at this one tho as I had the skin tone too dark. ^^”

Well, in the end..

Thanks to walk up to me and greet me :)

A big wave to the Penang readers!!

and also a big Bow to the organizer for the opportunity.  :D

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Miao had white rice for Lunch

I had white rice only for lunch.

Next time must remember not to eat everything there is on the dining table.




Oh ya, here’s a Chinese New Year wallpaper I made, it’s a Life of Pi themed one.

Will made another one if I have the time as some of them ask for a snake wallpaper since the upcoming year is a snake year. Anyway, if you like this wallpaper, you can get them from the download page.




Oh in case you didn’t notice, I’m actually running for this Creative Blog Award at MSMW.

Do vote for me ya. :) You just need to vote once. Thanks.



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Past is Past. Leave it or else..

The other day, I flew back to Kuching to attend my buddy’s wedding dinner…





Anyway, a Happy Wedding and congratulations to my bro. Now, 2 down, 7 to go..

I can’t wait to get ang pows (red packets with $) from them. Bwahahahaha.. It’s a custom for the married couple to give ang pows the singles during Chinese New Year. XD

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