Miao&WafuPafu Book Reviews

Here’s some book reviews I found for my book. If you have not gotten my book, here are some reviews to read to get some idea what is it about 🙂 Just click on the links.

Review I: A Miao-nificient read by Ann-Marie Khor

Review II: ‘Once Upon a Miao’: Jian Goh’s Cat City childhood reviewed by Alan Wong


Review IV: “Once Upon a Miao” by Eatwhateatwhere

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TOC Automotive College: Courting Girls Course

TOC Automotive College: Courting Girls 101
A college offering course on how to “kaw lui” (courting girls)??

There’s two key points needed for a successful kaw lui attempt.
First is having a good timing. And the best timing is to show up as a Hero when a damsel in distress.

Next, it’s having the ability to save the damsel.

If you are not prepared, then you will lose that once in a life time opportunity.
That is why TOC Automotive College is offering Car Maintenance 101 half day course to get you well prepared for that situation.

(Chasis System Inspection) Changing tyres

Sensei is measuring the tyre pattern and teaching us when to know it’s time to check the car

Changing tyres are easy as ABC, we need to exchange our tyres between the front wheels and the rear wheels every 5000 km to balance out the pattern and fully utilized our tyres.

(Body Electrical System) Changing Bulbs

It is dangerous to drive without a light in the dark. So whenever the lights on the driver side is broken, we must always move the lights from the left side to the right.

Changing lights are very difficult if you do not know which knot to press and where’s the opening is.

(Under hood inspection) Checking engine fluids

Engine fluids are important. It must be checked constantly to make sure it is at the sufficient level for the engine to run effectively.

(Engine electrical system ) Jumpstart a battery

It is very common to see people jumpstart a battery but now I found out everyone done it wrongly.

Apparently the negative (black) plug has to connected to the chassis of the car and not to the negative terminal on the battery. OAO I wouldn’t know if not because of this course.

With this basic knowledge, you are ready to save any damsel in distress on the road and find your true love.

The program cost only RM200 per participant, for more details feel free to check out as they have others more intensive programs like diploma.

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Festive Season

CNY Wallpaper 2016

It’s been ages since I last made a wallpaper. Here’s one to start the year XD. My goal for this year is to make a wallpaper for every festive holiday like how I used to do back in the old days but something much simple. XD

::1366×768::      ::1440×900::      ::1920×1080::

If you want to decorate your house, you can download the pdf file in the link and print as sticker and paste it on your wall 🙂


Last year I did this,

So this year, I gonna replace the sheep with the monkey hahaha XD Save cost hahaha.

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