Watching Movies

I need to have the volume up to listen to them as if I understand what are they saying. Heheh…

Just now, I was watching a Japanese comedy stage show on the TV, and I did the exact same thing again. XD I turned the volume up  even though I was actually reading the subtitles. XP

My sister complained about that, but I saw her doing the same thing after that when she watched her Korean Show, Running Man. =.=

Oh, do you guys watch foreign movies that you don’t understand of?


Oh, speaking of Thai movie, they are actually quite nice :D (especially ghost movie but I don’t watch ghost movie). Here’s some movies for you girls to watch. :)

1. Crazy Little Thing called Love

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Story: A girl who turned from a ugly duckling into a swan for a guy she loves.

2. Hello Stranger

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Story: 2 Strangers from Thai who met each other in Korea and fall in love.

3. Fabulous 30

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Story: A 23 years old guy fall for a 30 years old lady.

4. First Kiss

Story: A working lady fall for a high school boy.

5. Yes or No

Genre: Romance

Story: A straight girl who fall for a tomboy.

6. Yes or No 2

Genre: Romance

Story: Sequel. Now with third party.

7. Billionaire

Genre: Inspiring

Story: How  a boy becomes a Billionaire at  20+. Based on the true story of the founder of the Thailand seaweed snack, Millionaire.

Enjoy~ :)


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A Hot Day with Miao and PapaMiao





Some time later

This is my dad.

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Sudden Urge for Supper.

Seriously, this chicken couple is so weird!!!

Apasal ajak saya ni.. (Why they asked me along??)

Now I also growing fat together T^T





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