River God

Part Time River God: Day 1 and 2

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I took up a part time job lately..as a river god.

And on my first day…

First day..mistake happens. :P

Things slightly get better on the second day..

I found more stuff  in the river :D

Rabbit Woodman: But still, Where’s my axe??!

Miao: . . . .

Then again, who on earth drop guns in the river? 10 marks for the correct answer.


Sorry for the slow updates, I was traveling a lot and busy with works. Hope you enjoy this fiction post I made, inspired by “100k cold jokes” comics from u17.com. Do stay tune for more of it.

I just visited Macau, so Macau trip post is around the corner too!! There’s a lot of interesting stories from there. Can’t wait to show you all~ ^ v ^ heheh

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PapaMiao found Emoticons and Stickers

but have not learn the actual usage of them. LOL

Nevertheless, it’s cute. XD Oh.. Papamiao

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PapaMiao has changed!




Recently, my Dad is into smartphone and messaging app. He even starting to learn how to use Youtube and Google. We have been encouraging him to learn to use internet for years but to no avail. Only recently all of his retired friends are into it, only he started to get involve. The power of peer pressure.  OAO

Now, he’s like a big kid and keeps sharing and showing what he received from his friends XD hahaha PapaMiao has changed.

Hopefully it’s a good change. O – O

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