“Snack”, anyone? Yum..

What? Snake and Snack does sound quite similar ler. And we do have snake meat here, RM30 per KG, tho I have not eaten before and it’s very rare too. It’s available only when they happened to encounter it in their farms or resident areas.

I really misheard when I was hanging out with Maru and Rokku the other day in KL. They were so shocked. Hahah.

Okay. I think I’m scaring my friends away from visiting me. Hahah

By the way, how adventurous are you in food? What’s the most adventurous/exotic you have tried or going to try?

For me, so far I have tried fried crickets, fried pupae, fried mealworm, pig brains, ants egg in Thailand. I wanted to try Sago worms badly. I heard it’s good and as a Sarawakian, I must at least try once. XD


Honestly, beside exotic food, we do have so called normal food and unique one too. hahah don’t be scared. You can check out this list I made. I think useful for anyone who is coming to Kuching. What’s so interesting about our food is it is totally different from those Peninsular.

:: Kuching Food Guide Pdf Donwload ::

I will blog about the food later after Raya.  ;)





Now I wanna play a game… please click “read more” to start the game.

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Miao on the LRT

Was in KL the other day and got trapped in the LRT. =.=

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Waiter, the cake is not ours…

(The most fake compliment i ever pulled off)

Malaysians never say no to Free stuff especially food. :| Before i could reached the waiter, all hands, paws, forks, spoons were in and rape the cake clean. :| They did left a portion for me…so that i will be a partner in crime. =..=

Until now we still don’t know whose cake was that. Maybe it was other table’s order but the waiter accidentally put on ours? Maybe.

Oh we didn’t pay for it as food are pay before served, and since it’s served, so it’s free? hahaha

. . . .

On the side note, I was just away from KL/PJ for a year and there’s many new burgers and coffee shops booming out of everywhere like mushrooms. This Coffea Coffee has two nice ice blended, the Mud something and the Peanut Latte.

The Mud one has this Herb taste to it, my friend said it’s like grass, maybe it really is Mud. Hahaha.

The other one is Peanut butter sandwich without butter and sandwich and replaced with coffee and milk. XD

The cake on the other hand was quite good from what they said. Hmm.. I wondering whether it’s good because it’s free, or it’s good because it’s good.

Now that I think back….



Let’s be honest, if it’s you, will you eat the cake or return to the waiter?

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