Movies behind the Door.

As a grown man cat, there are times we need to..

watch movies behind the door and





sobbing without anyone noticing. >.<

I feel very awkward to watch those touching movies and sob with other peoples around. Which is also one of the reasons, I don’t watch touching movies in the cinema.

So the other day, I was watching my drama in the living room and wild dad appeared..

Anyone here do this too? Or you all don’t care and just sob all the way?

When I was young, I don’t sob when watching drama but now I do. 😐 Not sure I’m getting more emo or less cold hearted. lol

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I Don’t Watch Drama..

but when i do.. one episode turns into 4 seasons.. and

Drama is evil. The drama I last watched was 2 years ago. =.=

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What Do You Wanna Drink?

Visited some of my friends during Chinese New Year and they asked us what do we wanna drink but failed to produce them. Sigh… What kind of customer service is this. *shake head* XD


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