Miao in Taiwan: Leng Luis

The gang and I went out on our first oversea trip together.

So up coming posts will be all about the trip 🙂 Hope you stay tune and enjoy it.

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Chap Goh Mei 2016

Today marks the end of Chinese New Year Fesival but in a bad way…

It has been raining since the first day of Chinese New Year and many areas in Kuching-Serian Division are flooded. 🙁 Sad time for the people who are suffering from the flood.

Oddly, you can’t find any news about it in Peninsular Malaysia, suddenly feel that Sarawak is like the abandoned partner in Malaysia.  Anyway…

Pray that the rain will stop soon


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Korea Trip

Jeju: A KCON Experience

:: Part 1 :: Part 2 ::

It turned out the trip to Jeju is not only of nature and scenery but turned I get the chance to attend the annual KCON festival. KCON is an annual K-pop convention where there’s gonna be kpop concert and also stalls promoting and selling korean products.

The concert starts at 7 and we went there super early, 2 hours early, but it was okay as the place was occupied by many stalls.

Outdoor stalls

Korean people are super generous, they kept offering us sample of food to try.

If you’re there, remember to get any products that associated with their HallaBong Orange products like orange chocolate, orange biscuit etc. They are super duper delicious !

Indoor booths

There are even more booths inside the hall and it was jam packed with humans because of…

Seriously, no need to buy any gifts for friends anymore, they are giving bags and bags of snacks as long as you participate in their mini games.

There’s also a mini stage for rookie kpop group to perform.

Only problem is that the place is freaking hot.

Kcon Concert Main Stage

2 hours passed quickly in there and it was almost time for the concert to start.

Even more gifts. ^ v ^ so nice~

And apparently most concert in Korea are seated concert. For an old cat like me, this is a blessing, I cannot stand standing in a spot too long which is why I seldom go for concerts.

Look at this pretty LED bracelet, they gave us. So nice right but…

*cover my face*

Seriously lor, the whole row of us thought our LED bracelet was broken and we sneakily switched ours with those in the seats in front of us. XD

So cool lor, Everyone’s LED is in sync with the songs.

KCON just signed a 3 years MOU with Jeju island. This means if you come Jeju in 2016 and 2017, KCON will be here. ^ ^

So put this into your itinerary if you are a kpop fans and plan of coming to Jeju island as the concert ticket is only around RM30.

Cheap till cannot. XD hahahah

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