Happiness Is

Feelings Exposed

I have 2 dogs in my house and one of them loves to do this. 😐 Sometimes he will hide his excitement to see me but his tails always give it away. Which lead to a question, why one hide that he/she is happy? Hmm…

#humanhasnotail #wecanttellwhy

Expressing all my feelings through this book:



Burger Malaysia

Burgers of the State of Malaysia! Some of them are pretty random. Feel free to drop your ideas if you have any better ones in mind. hehehe

#burgertrendinmalaysia #everythingburgernowadays#simplyespeciallykedah #ihavenotbeentokedah#whatsnextjuicetrend?

These burgers are not available in the market yet I guess, but the book is. Purchase one to support a Malaysia product:




Festive Season

Kuching Festival

It’s that time of the year again, Kuching Festival is here! It’s a month long festival where 2 hundreds over food stalls are set up in front of the city council every night.

It’s kinda like pasar malam but selling mostly creative and fusion food as well as foreign cuisine like Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Mongolian etc…

Obviously, it’s one of my favorite festivals #foodma#theregoesmy8kg #hownow #forevercannotdiet

Click to fund my food trip to the festival 



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