Enjoying the Wind

The other day, I was listening to the radio.

They were saying about switching off the air-con, good for the car, good for the fuel etc…

and so I did :D

It was really enjoying…



until someone had his ashes from the cigar flow into my car.


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Work till Blur

Busy till Siao

Busy till Siao-1

My job got to do with a lot of phone answering and there are times that I answered so much phone calls that I really ‘heard’ my phone rang when it actually didn’t.  @@


and after that..

Busy till Siao-3

Busy till Siao-2

( . . . . . .)


Really work till blur d.


How I wish I can lay on a beach right now with people giving me a massage while I enjoy the cool sea breeze and stars


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Its Automatic..

Auto Off

Auto Off-1

Its Automatic.. (playing Utada Hikaru’s songs)

Seriously, sometimes I really don’t know I off the alarm myself.  :|

I think I need to put the alarm somewhere I couldn’t reach in my sleep XD

Auto Off-2

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