Too much Computer?


I getting this headache lately which I told my doc about it when I went to get some medication for my sick the other day. According to her, it might be stress from the work…so I was thinking..


Maybe not really. Then she told me, most probably its from all the computer looking.

Just hope she’s right, if this headache continues I think I gonna get a scan just in case. Yes the cat is being kinda paranoid :P





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Miao is so Kampung!

Auto Car Wash

Auto Car Wash-1

LOL! The other day, I drove my car for an automated Car Wash Shop!! Me and my friends was so excited as if we’re riding a roller coaster. We were making sounds and taking pictures while in it XD.

Auto Car Wash-2

I think the people there sure thought we’re crazy or something and we really thought of going for a second round. XD

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Festive Season

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Day.

sick during mooncake festival

Sick since Friday and still is.

Will be back soon. So sorry :(

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