K.O by Durians

Only 3 pieces of Durians and I’m done. =.=

but still Durians rocks!!  Oh yeah~~~

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The Secret Behind the Handkerchief

Seriously, can someone tell me how handkerchief works???

I see those people with handkerchief wipes almost everything with it. @@

From face to hands to mouth to goo to face again, then over the head, the arms, the armpits… and God knows where.

There’s a saying that each side of the handkerchief has its own purpose but it’s just a rumor..

Can someone enlighten me please.. >.<

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Hmm…What was it again?

Do you ever have this feeling,  a feeling that there’s something you must remember, something you must do but you just can’t seems to remember? Well, I just had that and I still can’t remember what it is.. and ended up drawing this post XD hahahaha and still can’t remember what was it after drawing. XD

Oh well.. I think is nothing very important. Not like the earth will hit by a meteor or what  if I can’t remember it..

or maybe it will because I try to remember it. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

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