Types of Kolok Mee

Kolok Mee, the Signature Dish for Kuching aside for Laksa and Ketchup Mee. Something about Kolok Mee is it comes in many different shapes, colours and taste. Many may confuse what is Kolok Mee what is not especially confused it with Kampua.

Here’s a little guide I did for Kolok Mee, hope it helps.

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Images of Kolok Mee.

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Thailand Trip

It’s a Trap but a Good one!

We got splashed all over from left and right and we were not even in our “battle suit”.

It was horrible but some how fun at the same time. Hahaha



Slove U cafe

It all started when it was too early for Songkran party so we decided to chill at this super retro cafe.

The counter.

Check out the place. It’s like a living room. Such a homely feeling cafe.

I ordered Thai Tea everywhere in Thailand. 😛

After a few hours, we got hungry and decided to head for lunch.

The two friendly owners of Slove U Coffee Cafe who offered a free ride for us to the restaurant and also around Khon Kaen town.

Well, It’s a free ride,  so we accepted it with a big smile.

What happened next was drew in the comic above.

Just imagine the kids behind the truck in the photo above was us. XD

Wat Nong Wang Temple

The restaurant we went was located just next to the oldest temple in Khon Kaen.

During Songkran, Thais will come to the temple and make blessing for the upcoming new year.

Oh, There’s no entrance fee, so free feel to visit the Wat. As it’s Songkran, there will be a lot of people but it’s not too crowded.

If you managed to climb up to its 9th floor and you will rewarded with a clear view of the whole Khon Kaen city.

I found this little dinosaur statue outside of the temple. I heard that Khon Kaen is the first location to discover dinosaur fossils and bones. And there’s Dinosaur museum somewhere in Khon Kaen. Omo, there’s a lot more to be discover in Khon Kaen.

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Thailand Trip

Things Miao do in Khon Kaen, Thailand at Night

So I was in Khon Kaen for Songkran in April. We were there a night before the big festival, and decided to just chilled. If you are in Khon Kaen, here are two places you can consider hangout at night.

Thum Rom Restaurant

Our most favorited restaurant in Khon Kaen. We went there two nights in a row.

I just love the environment. It has a vintage and retro vibe to it.

We even got a table right in front of the live band. I just love their performances. They have great voice and I knew most of the songs they sang hahahah.

(*Picture was taken when they were taking a break because I want to take photo of the entrance.)

Not to forget to mention, their food was delicious to the max and it was dirt cheap. We paid only RM60+ for  6 dishes including drinks. The second night only cost us RM80+ when we ordered almost double the numbers of dishes we had previously.

We so gonna go there again next day if we’re staying for another night. Nothing to complain, awesome food, awesome price, awesome performance, awesome environment and gorgeous lady boss.  😛

Ton Tann Night Market

Ton Tann Night Market is the largest night market in Khon Kaen. Unlike normal street night market with many stalls along the road way, Ton Tann Night market seems to be more organized with a bit of artistic touch to it.

They even have an art gallery right in the middle of the market. Why our night market not like this? Whyyy??

P/S: All the crowd are at the Songkran party hence it is empty.

The night market may looks bit different but no worries, you can get everything you usually find in the normal Thai night market like the deep fried silk worm. XD (I don’t like it, grasshoppers are more tasty)

Too bad most of the stalls are close as I like this place lor. It’s suitable to paktoh too. Oh, unlike Bangkok, not everyone in Khon Kaen speaks English, so do go and learn a little Thai :P.

and no, listen to Thai songs only don’t help.

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