Rain Rain Go Away, Come again Another Day.




Ngaiti.. (Walaoeh)

I don’t know why but every time I washed my car for sure rain 1.

and when I don’t wash it, it will be hot and sunny like today.. =.=

Sien…now I also lazy to drive out for my dinner d.

Since I just washed it, I don’t want it to turn dirty so soon @@

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Red means Stop, Green means Go, Yellow means..

traffic light

Traffic light-1

Traffic light-2

The other day, my friend fetched me out for dinner and we went to this shop nearby.

traffic light-3

So when we are about to reach the shop, this friend of mine, suddenly went and step on the accelerator when he saw the yellow traffic light is flashing where we’re suppose to turn left instead of go straight. @@

He said when he saw the light flashing and his instinct told him to step on it. @__@

I know he’s crazy but let’s do a survey here, who ever step on the accelerator when the yellow light is flashing, please raise up your paws/hands. :D

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I know Life is Unfair…






but don’t do a mass suicide jump into my water jar!!!!


Lately, I kept on finding ants in my water jar. Even after I went and changed the water, they still coming back. Maybe the weather is just too hot and they went in for a swim or something.

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