The Most Effective Way to Skip A Meal and Diet

First, head down to the kitchen…

then, meet a cockroach on your way.

Only works if you are extremely afraid of cockroach.


In the end, I went to sleep in hunger. T3T

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Miao&WafuPafu on WWF Ranger Handouts

I don’t remember whether I have announced this before but Miao&WafuPafu is on WWF Ranger. It’s a handout that is given out to all donors. If you are receiving the Green Heart magazine every 3 months, then you can request them to put this Ranger handout with it. XD

It’s filled with many cutesy drawing and comics explaining you stuff about nature. It’s even better if you have kids as they can learn about nature easily and there are even kids activities section for them to play with.

So be a WWF donor today, if you haven’t 🙂

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A Story of Papamiao | AirAsia Free Seats

They asked me what’s my Must Visit Festival for 2016.



This is my answer. 🙂 Sometimes is not how fun how grand a festival is but how it means to me and that someone.

AirAsia is giving out Free Seats now. Travel period from 15 Feb to 31 Aug 2016. Booking period till 28 June 2015!

Go and grab a ticket, maybe this time not for yourself but for the one you care about. 🙂

Book now at AirAsia

What’s your must visit festival?

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