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Penang Trip

Miao’s AABC Penang Takeover

#1 Best Breakfast in Penang – Discover the best breakfast place

#2 Penangness – Resemble Penang

#3 Penang Essentials – Guide for tourist visiting Penang for food and heritage trail

#4 Heritage Trail

#5 Eat Penang Style





Our first stop was to discover the best spot for Penang breakfast, we went to Macalister road.

I just love Penang prawn paste, it’s like no need money wan. They kasi a lot in their food. Penangite may not aware of it but No-need-Money-Kasi-A Lot-Prawn-Paste is a Penang signature thing.

#1 Best Breakfast in Penang – Discover the best breakfast place

It’s so hard to take this photo as the lady boss refused to pause for me T3T.


Next stop is to capture something that resemble Penang. At first we thought of NOT capturing Komtar because we think everyone will do that. What else that makes us think of Penang when we sees it. Our first thought is Ferry. Only Penang has such Ferry and I think no one would took the effort to go all the way to Sberang Prai for this challenge.

but in the end, I posted a shot of Street Hawker Stall as I feel Hawker Street Culture is Penang. Without it, Penang is not Penang. The amount of stalls by the street in Penang is amazing. In Kuching, such culture is abolished where all stalls are force to move to food centres.

#2 Penangness – Resemble Penang



To save cost, we decided to take buses, but we ended up lost in our way. Thank God, we met this auntie, she guided us around on where to take, where to drop off and even told us where we can find good food, and share some stories about a certain places.

#3 Penang Essentials – Guide for tourist visiting Penang for food and heritage trail

That’s when I noticed, actually the best guide for food and places to have is actually a Penangite.


For this challenge, I bet many would take a lot of the mainstream tourist spots. XD I thought that maybe we can do something different but what. We roamed clueless-ly along the street on our way to our lunch spot.

Then I noticed…

…that actually the whole city is a heritage. Those old buildings and those old shops that operate as how they were back in the old days tell so much stories. You can see how simple the old clinic with just partitions and fans and a grocery shop with milo tin as money collector.

#4 Heritage Trail


We then brought to this factory hidden behind some shops.

It’s a Nyonya kuih factory…

with a restaurant at the back that serves many Nyonya food.

We were for one thing. Assam laksa with Popiah. I heard it’s a very Penang way of eating Assam Laksa.

#5 Eat Penang Style

And oh my, it goes so well together. I’m so gonna do this next time when I’m having my Assam Laksa.


It’s my fourth time visiting Penang and I always discover new things there especially this time where I did most of the travel on foot and skipping the main POI.

In the end, we did not win the challenge but I did went back Kuching with a trophy.

A big trophy. What to do, Penang food is really amazing.

Thank God we have a direct flight from Kuching, can go whenever I want to fix my Penang food cravings.

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Must visit places in Chengdu City – Part 1

Time to travel again with Miao! This time we are going to…

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

ChengDu, the capital of Sichuan province.

I visited Chengdu last month and it was more awesome than I expected. I went to Guangzhou before and I didn’t like it but Chengdu is totally different. You know I’m a sucker for architecture. And this city has it all from hundreds to thousand years old buildings. <3

Check out this random building by the road side.

Anyway, here’s a list of where I went to in ChengDu city on first day which I think is a must visit if you’re in ChengDu.

Chengdu Panda Research Centre

Chengdu is the homeland of Panda. So, how can you go to Chengdu without visiting them.

Remember to wear a comfortable shoes when you come here as this place is huge. The pandas have their own bungalows with an air-conditioned room and a big green yard. And it’s like 5 minutes from one viewing spot to another. There are two types of Panda to look at; the famous Giant Kungfu Panda and the Red Panda (which biologically not a panda).

Later that, we found out that the weather was too hot, so all the Pandas were hiding inside the aircon room.

#GoodlifePanda sits in the air-con room eating sugarcane. =.= Geram I tengok.

But damn, they looks so fluffy. I heard that you can hug with a payment of few hundreds USD.

That’s like a thousand RM. O_O


Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple or Wuhou Memorial Temple is actually memorial site dedicated to Zhu Ge Liang (181-234 AD), he was the minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei (161-223 AD). If you know the history of the Three Kingdom, then you would know who they are. The site is also dedicated to Emperor Liu Bei where his graveyard is in this site.

The interesting part of this site is that it was built during the Qing dynasty in 1672 and the place is well maintained until now.

These are all statues of the ministers and generals of Emperor Liu Bei.

Somehow, walking through the big-garden-liked site is like walking into the past. Just imagine, the Qing Emperor and minister once walked the same tiles and path you walk on.


JinLi Ancient Street

Located just next to the temple is the an old pedestrian street built in the Qing Dynasty. In 2004, it was renovated into a food street and now opened to the public.

Although it’s a little touristy but I really enjoyed all the old architecture buildings. It can be a good spot to take some hipster shot but…

there’s a problem…

It’s so crowded. OMG!

There are two parts to the street food, the first part was filled with bars, cafes and restaurant and at the end of the street are all small shops selling many Chengdu street food.

I didn’t tried much as I was still full and we were heading for a steamboat dinner soon after that but I did tried this as it was highly recommended.

Pineapple sticky rice, it’s not as good as mango sticky rice to be honest.


Wide and Narrow Street

Jinli is not the only ancient street in Chengdu, the other one is the Wide and Narrow Streets which can traced back all the way to Qing Dynasty too.

So pretty, right? I just love how they kept all the old buildings and turned them into a commercial street and not let them gone wasted or destroyed. If you love taking photos of buildings, you should come here early in the morning before the shops open. Once it opens, the place will be flooded with people.

I actually went there twice XD Once in the day and another time at night.

It looks even amazing at night.

Check out this Starbucks Coffee.  Why we don’t have a longhouse styled Starbucks here? T3T

This one looks so much like a scene from a movie hahaha.

And yes, it’s still crowded at night too. XD


Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel

After out since 8am in the morning, we were finally back at hotel. We stayed at Dorsett Grand in Chengdu. It’s great place to stay as it is strategically located right in the middle of the city.

It will even better later when the new metro station right in front of the hotel finishes in a couple of months.

It feels great when the hotel staff warmly welcomes you whenever you’re back. ^ v ^

And this is my room~ So comfy~~

Just what I need after a long tired day, fresh juicy fruits~ They even drop a welcome notes with some tourist information. Sometimes, it’s this small heart warming thing that hotel does that makes the difference.

For more information, feel free to check Dorsett Hotels, they have hotels all over Asia region and UK.

Hey, my fruits!


If you like Pandas and ancient buildings and streets, hope to AirAsia site now and book your ticket. XD

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It’s a Trap but a Good one!

We got splashed all over from left and right and we were not even in our “battle suit”.

It was horrible but some how fun at the same time. Hahaha



Slove U cafe

It all started when it was too early for Songkran party so we decided to chill at this super retro cafe.

The counter.

Check out the place. It’s like a living room. Such a homely feeling cafe.

I ordered Thai Tea everywhere in Thailand. 😛

After a few hours, we got hungry and decided to head for lunch.

The two friendly owners of Slove U Coffee Cafe who offered a free ride for us to the restaurant and also around Khon Kaen town.

Well, It’s a free ride,  so we accepted it with a big smile.

What happened next was drew in the comic above.

Just imagine the kids behind the truck in the photo above was us. XD

Wat Nong Wang Temple

The restaurant we went was located just next to the oldest temple in Khon Kaen.

During Songkran, Thais will come to the temple and make blessing for the upcoming new year.

Oh, There’s no entrance fee, so free feel to visit the Wat. As it’s Songkran, there will be a lot of people but it’s not too crowded.

If you managed to climb up to its 9th floor and you will rewarded with a clear view of the whole Khon Kaen city.

I found this little dinosaur statue outside of the temple. I heard that Khon Kaen is the first location to discover dinosaur fossils and bones. And there’s Dinosaur museum somewhere in Khon Kaen. Omo, there’s a lot more to be discover in Khon Kaen.

More of Khon Kaen:

Songkran in Khon Kaen

– What to do at night in Khon Kaen

What to do in the day in Khon Kaen

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