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Back in Kuching: Miao meets Tata

You know you have not being home for a long time when the family dogs start barking at you.

T__T This is very embarrassing… getting barked by your own family dog.

Can’t blame him anyway since this is the third time we met. XD The last time was like 6 months ago. @@

I doubt he remember me/my cat scent.

but good thing…

He’s actually a scarey cat and easy to bully. XD

I think he will remember me after this meet up. Hohoho…

This is not consider as animal abuse right?


can you guys put down your phone?


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Silly Bobbie and Miao

Happened to dream about my brother, Bobbie the other night.

It’s the second time I dreamed about him, the first time was on the night on the very day I was told he left us.

Oh by the way, he’s our pet dog. My dad treated him so good that we always said he’s our dad’s second son which makes him my little brother and also my son’s playmate (my cat). XD

Hmm..wonder why he visited me. Maybe he misses me and find me to play with him.

Wonder will he visits again. If he does, maybe I can..

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The Result

Well, I did not win. The sign didn’t not came true.  T3T Why you give me hope and let me down.. whyyyy… hahaha

Seriously, I think I better work harder for it instead of dreaming to get it, it would be faster this way..



On the second thought, maybe instead of getting a smartphone, I think it would be better for me to get a LCD HDTV for my dad… right Dad?




*Gambling is prohibited in my family*

or you want something else?



Please don’t whack me when I go home later T3T..

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