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The House Rule

 There’s this rule in my house where the last person who finish his meal must clean up the table and plates. It’s a good rule tho but but.. there’s a loophole!!!

I was trapped and cheated by a piece of super awesome juicy sausage. Just a piece of sausage, I have to clean the whole table.  T3T

This is sooo unfair.. and there’s another loophole..

The ghosts can get away with it!! Wafu Pafu!!! Wash your own plates!! Rawr!!

Life is unfair T_______T

le sad. le huhuhu

Do your house have any house rule?

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Ayu is a Babi

My little nephew really a pig. He slept for almost 13 hours and he treated as if it’s very normal thing to do. That’s way too many sleep!! Usually only people who are older sleep as much as this.

Besides, somehow he also know he snores but just refuses to talk about it. Whenever I try to talk about it, he sure change the topic and pretend didn’t listen. =.=

Now I’m wondering should I just draw my sheep nephew into a pig instead since it’s matches it so well.

XD hahahaha

P.S: Babi means pig. Usually use to describe one who eat a lot , sleep a lot. 

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Miao is the Favorited Uncle!

The other day, the nephew Ayu, came and spent his holidays at our place. Last time he used to sleep at my dad’s place whenever he’s here but this time he decided to sleep at my place. XD  Kakakaka!!!  Woohoo!! I’m the favorited uncle. Then again, I’m the only uncle they have. 😐

Anyway, Papamiao vs Miao( 0 : 1 ) XD

but somehow I didn’t feel like I won..



as my nephew…

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