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The day Miao Collapsed.

I think I just had my most tiring Monday ever yesterday. It was only like 9 in the morning but I felt like I had been working for the whole day. I was so tired and sleepy I could not really stand it. Every and each eye blinks went longer than the previous one.

Luckily I manage to get some sleeps during the breaks but it did not helped much. I have no idea why I’m so tired as I went to sleep early the night before.

Anyway, the Cat gonna hibernate for a while. See ya soon. :)

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Songs are controlling Miao..

For some reasons, my emotions change easily with songs, some specified songs that I have some special memories of. Whenever those specified songs are played, my feelings at that moment will swing accordingly and that Chicken Jack knows it all along and purposely disturbing me with it.

Though it doesn’t really works all the time as sometimes it just paused and stopped at a point and no songs can change it. Feelings are complicated stuffs which I locked up a year ago and now it “prison break” out. LOL…Damn Michael Scottfield

Yes Ying, your brother is as emo as you. Hahahaha… We’re brother and sister after all.

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Chicken Ben said Miao is Old.

I think he’s right, I have been ignoring my body for quite some time d making my skin looking quite ragged and old. I can’t really remember when is the last time I use facial product (My sisters gonna kill me if they found out this), and I even stopped going for any sport activities ever since my kakis left me alone in Melaka 1 year ago XD.

Every now and then when I stretch my body in the office, my colleagues will give me the look as every joint in my body will sounds cin cin… >.<

Hmm…and I don’t think sleep will help here as I’m not really a sleep-person..

Probably a nice and relax trip to the beach and a nice body massage while enjoying the sea breeze and sunset might help. LOL…

Seriously, anyone out there up for a jog or a badminton session?

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