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The Exercises finally Pay off

no more tummy-1

no more tummy

Weeee… no more big round tummy like an Uncle d ^^

I think I quite flexible as I manage to slim down the tummy just after a few weeks of exercises and quiting the habit of having supper 😀

I’m feel so healthy…


no more tummy-2


How come healthy doesn’t feel good at all…

And it also seems like my Tummy is not the only thing that slim down..


On the site note: I think  I doing too much exercise related post…

Hmm what to do.. that’s what I’m doing lately hahahaha

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A Ghost Story…








I think this will happened one day if I keep on sitting and texting SMS  in the dark.

Hahaha… XD



Seriously, three days d… and I want my power source back T____T

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My house is…


Dark T____T

There was a fire on my apartment floor earlier today which happened to blow out the power source for my floor. I think its just happened not long ago as the place was quite warm when I walked pass the place. There could be an explosion as I can see pieces of broken glasses on the floor.

Now the whole floor is kinda spooky without any lights and there’s not even a sound. I bet everyone went and took shelter at their friend’s place like me. Hahaha…

Actually, I have no problem sleeping in the dark but I just can’t sleep without the sounds of a moving fan. >.< I think its a habit thingy. Anyone having the same problem with me?

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