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Miao and Medicine

I always have this problem with swallowing the capsules or pills. Sometimes I tends to finish the whole bottle of water before I can actually swallow the pills/capsules. :/

If only there’s an easy way..

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Announcement Rant

Where did Miao got his ideas from?

I got them from….

Yes, I  put a pillow on my head when I’m drawing/thinking of ideas. I’m a weirdo I know. :P

Hehehe…Well, I saw this question from Yixin, so thought of answering it :P



By the way, come and be my thinking cap tonight and vote for the one you wish to read :D

- The Dogs

- Beach

- Hatyai  (wanted to finish the post badly but kinda backdated)

- Cafe


cause I can’t make up my mind which to post next. ^^”

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I hate Joo.

To the one missed call me in the middle of the night, I hate joo!!!

Not sure who that fella is since the number is not in my phone list, if he/she happens to be someone I know, I’m so gonna gave him/her a good scolding of waking me up. >< RAWR!!

Anyway, I’m not really a good sleeper. Things like lights, sounds from dripping water, radio, people talking, snoring or car alarms from far just keeps me awake. :/

Hmm but total silence keeps me awake too, I need to sleep with the sounds of the fan. XD I’m a weird cat..

Eh, I believe I’m not the only one who needs fans to sleep in. Come raise up your hand :D if you’re the same. kekeke

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