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Love Cat Guru 101 : Make her Laugh

Following post was inspired by a status from a panda friend of mine.

So below are three versions of the it. XD



even though the laugh is a bit creepy to the rest. :|



others laugh instead wahahahahahahahaha XD

Then again, I kinda agree with what my friend said on making her laugh is a way. lol XD

Oh, Bolehland just did one comic too on this. Do check it out. ^^

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Shits Miao Says – 2

Was trying to scare my nephew but failed. Google is ruining all the fun. =.=

Anyone heard of this before?  or do you remember any “funny/trolling” answers from your parents when you’re young?

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Noob Miao: Skullcandy Headgear


My friend scolded me “noob” for not knowing this brand but how should I know, I’m not into headgear. T^T

Anyway, here’s the Skullcandy headgear i got…

…back from my friend who rolled away with it..


Now, I’m thinking what to do with it.. I’m not a headgear person as it makes my ears hot.


About the event, it was actually a Blackberry event. Blackberry has released a new phone model, the Z30. Full touchscreen with no home button. You basically swipe all your way through the phone. Pretty fun tho.

Look out for it as it’s will be in Malaysia soon.

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