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What a title to start the 2014 first  Monday post. Hahahaha…

and thought he gonna lectured me on being friendly and courteous..




I was so wrong.

It was 2 weeks ago but my chicken friend here can’t stopped complaining that i didn’t talk to her.

…but but I’m just not interested.  T3T

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I Lost A Friend

I went for Christmas present shopping for my nephew and niece the other day with Monkey Hao. And the moment I stepped in the toy store, Monkey Hao went missing. =.= In the end, I found him in a corner looking at the toys in awe. Lol

Honestly, the toys nowadays are very interesting and very advanced. :D So tempting to buy for myself. hahaha

Too bad that kids nowadays don’t like this kind of toys tho. :( What was your favorite toy when you’re a kid?

Mine was Lego LOL I used to build a detail house with it with rooms and furnitures hahaha XD

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I iz Ninja!! Kagebunshin no Jutsu!!

ninja tooth

ninja tooth-1

She didn’t find it funny tho. I ended up nagged by her for throughout the session.

T^T Seriously, i don’y know why it broke but my teeth always been very weak. Sedih.

Lack of Calcium, Vitamin D, I suppose.

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