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Miao Got His Ass Kicked. Literally.

Getting back from a trip can be scary sometimes like getting piles of works are waiting for you.

And sometimes it can be worse…


and so I trained…

and trained…


last minute training is useless. LOL

This is what we called Roda.

This is the cutest Capoerista ever XD

Thank God this is not me. GG case.

le Professor.

In the end, I managed to receive my new “belt” wheee…

tho the main purpose for the belt is just to hold my pants which my tummy fat had been doing all this while.

Anyone who are interested can join us at Movimento Simples De Capoeira Sarawak


It’s that time again to send me far far away~~.

Do help to vote for me please~~

Step by Step.

1. insert email, press vote.

2. check email, press link to confirm vote.

3. repeats :P

Thank youuu sooo muchhh

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Mamamiao, Superman and Batman

Today a bit different. Gonna do a Boey‘s style post. XD

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Double Standard Miao Strikes Again | RIP MH17

The concert costed me a bomb but it was a good night tho only for an hour before she left with her friends and I went and find the cat with a cat. Neko-Neko XD

The best part of this is, the people who are inside this comic, read this and dunno it was them wahahahahahaha. /flip hair.

::~ hiding identity of people since 2007 ~::


On the side note, this morning we all woke up with a sad news.

First, Gaza, Then Sabah and now this.

Many innocent life are sacrificed. Why can’t people live in peace?

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