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Incy Wincy Spider with Miao

I don’t know why there’s always stuffs dropping into my drinks and food.

So I was having my dinner the other day, and ordered a jelly drink. Then, comes a spidey drop into my drink. :/

Last time, there’s ants then there’s this lizard’s poo and now an incy wincy spider…

The only difference is….

I don’t even know it’s there till I finish almost all the jellies in my drink. :/

Did anything drop into your food before?

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Problem with Names

I always have this problem remembering people names, either I get them mixed up or I can’t remember.. T3T

It happened the other day when I was out with my friend and his friends. He introduced them but I kinda mixed up/forgot bout their names an hour later. I tried to pick up somewhere between their conversation but you know sometimes close friends never tends to call out each other names. :/

Lucky I have a back up plan and…

Hahahahaha… it worked. Don’t play play.

Requirement needed:

Level – 25 / Race – Cat/ Str – 0/ Vit – 0/ Int – 0 /Dex – 0 / Luk -99


In the end, I managed to find out their names through Facebook XD

Thank God, there’s Facebook.

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Training Failed

Signed up for this charity run couple of months ago. The run will be held this coming 26 of December in Melaka.

And with my current state, I doubt I can finish it. Okay, maybe I can… in 3 hours.  XD hahahahaha

It’s a 6km run but now I can’t even finish 1km in one run. =.= I actually walks more than I run during my training. XD hahha It’s very tiring. I wonder how they can run and run and run non-stop. :/

Maybe I should train more but time is running out. I only have 1 more week to go..

Hopefully, they will allow us to take breaks in between.. so maybe I can stop by a coffee shop and have some breakfast or something.. :D

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