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Miao Regretted

The other day, MonkeyHao visited Melaka with his foreign friend. Since I’m in town, I met up with them and brought them around the city.

The new foreign friend was a very curious fella and was very interested about our culture and history. Thus, asking all sorts of questions about our country.

And our basic understand couldn’t match up with his questions as some of them were even harder than our secondary exam questions. @@ And he wanted the exact date for some happenings in our country and not some approximate time or period. @@

But thank God, there’s a museum around the corner to answer all his questions..

and ours too. XD

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Incy Wincy Spider with Miao

I don’t know why there’s always stuffs dropping into my drinks and food.

So I was having my dinner the other day, and ordered a jelly drink. Then, comes a spidey drop into my drink. :/

Last time, there’s ants then there’s this lizard’s poo and now an incy wincy spider…

The only difference is….

I don’t even know it’s there till I finish almost all the jellies in my drink. :/

Did anything drop into your food before?

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Problem with Names

I always have this problem remembering people names, either I get them mixed up or I can’t remember.. T3T

It happened the other day when I was out with my friend and his friends. He introduced them but I kinda mixed up/forgot bout their names an hour later. I tried to pick up somewhere between their conversation but you know sometimes close friends never tends to call out each other names. :/

Lucky I have a back up plan and…

Hahahahaha… it worked. Don’t play play.

Requirement needed:

Level – 25 / Race – Cat/ Str – 0/ Vit – 0/ Int – 0 /Dex – 0 / Luk -99


In the end, I managed to find out their names through Facebook XD

Thank God, there’s Facebook.

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