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You Think This is Your Father’s shop?

The other day, I was having my dinner in this shop and noticed these three oldies sitting and chating from three separate tables. =.= Sitting as if they owned the shop. At first, I wondered why don’t they just sit together, then they would not need to scream to each other when chating.

But later that, I found out it IS their shop. O_o

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Devil in a Lift.

I’m very very very very very very very very very very super duper whooper burger afraid of cockroach. What makes it worst, I stayed on the fifth floor and my legs are still suffering from my jogging on Sunday. T3T

After 26 years, I’m still afraid of cockroach. I failed as a cat T3T.


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A Day at the Cafe

Note: Suppose to be Hatyai and Beach posts but those two are such a long posts, I only have the time to prepare them over the weekend ^^”


The other day, it was so hot at home, I decided to go to a cafe to do my work. With great luck, the waitress there was quite a charming girl… and I ended up… *cough cough* concentrate on my work..LOL

Can’t help it, male’s instinct.

All boys are the same… =.=


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