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Miao Can Haz Discount

Chiang Mai Trip will be on a hiatus as I’m waiting for the videos and photos for the next adventure. 🙂 The following scenario happened when I was back in Kuching after the Trip.



Bwahahhahaha. Well, he started it first, and assumed I was a student. I just went with the flow. *koff koff*

Imagine how sad/awkward he will be if he was wrong with his assumption, I’m just helping him. *koff koff koff*  Then again…


Heheh…don’t look at me like that. Don’t tell me you don’t like discount. 😛

Ahhh…The advantage of looking young. XD

P/S: Oh, it happened at Starbuck, I just draw it into another cafe.

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Shower in the Hotel

At the hotel, during a shower…

This happens every morning and night whenever I’m taking my showers in the hotel. It’s soo hard to balance the water temperature, a little turning, it’s either too cold or too hot. Seriously, how to get the right temperature??

Sometimes when I finally managed to get the right temperature, I don’t feel like turning it off again. >< Oh, if your roomate doesn’t response to your callings after a long time in the shower, please go eat and save him/her.. he might..

or boiled.

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What Is The Old Man Looking At?

After we dropped off Husky …

WHAT OLD MAN??? I saw nothing!! O_O

Chicken Jack saw this old man standing outside a house and staring at the sky. At first, I thought I missed it but after I dropped Husky, I drove out the neighbourhood and found out there was no one!!

I looked both the side and rear mirror and couldn’t see anyone. Spooky!!! Some more it was 1230 midnight. O_O After I told Chicken Jack about it, he kept quiet for the whole drive to his house. ^^”

This reminds me of this friend of mine who has a sister that can see/hear the other side. Sometimes when we visit her house, she will asked us not to sit at certain location. :/ Creepy!!!

Do you guys have any friends with this ability?

Oh yea, this is the end of posts with Chicken Jack and the gang.



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