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Miao try to save money.

Dishonesty pays…

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Driving in Penang

The other day I was in Penang and my friend came and fetch me from the airport..

While we were on our way to the office…

I had a culture shock. Back in my place, it’s a norm to give ways to each other.

The most shocking part is the expression on my friends. We were chit chatting happily and they turned into killing mode instantly. I can feel so much hatred, anger and annoyed. :| Scaryy…

Then, I found out that it is dangerous to give way in Penang as the drivers behind the car will not give you back your road. :|

Thank God, I don’t drive in Penang else I might stranded there for the whole day.

I noticed every places have their own driving pattern. In Kuching, the biggest problem is parking. People do two slots parking, three slots parking, pedestrian walkway parking and even divider parking. :|

Do you noticed a pattern of driving in your city?


Apology if the comic is not entertaining for today. I was in a rush (having too much work in hand T^T) so didn’t manage to brainstorm and draft my story before draw.


Announcement: Note 2 cases pre-order coming soon. :) And my anniversary coming soon too, there will be good news for some. ^^


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Sudden Urge for Supper.

Seriously, this chicken couple is so weird!!!

Apasal ajak saya ni.. (Why they asked me along??)

Now I also growing fat together T^T





oh, Tomorrow is the last day for This Big Blog Exchange, where 12 or 14 winners will be picked from around the world to visit another country for a whole week fully sponsored. So do vote for me ya ^^

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Thank you very BIG!!

Oh another thing,  iPhone5 pre-order is opening. :)

So do share around. If it doesn’t hits any quota then it won’t be produced ^^

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