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Ninja Miao gives Surprise!


Surprised senior is surprise!

I went back to Melaka the other day just to attend my colleague’s wedding and also gave my senior a surprise. XD My senior has been a very big sister to me, always take care of me. Though, almost poisoned me. (Refer here) XD She made quite a number of appearance in this blog.

Anyway, it was a great time meeting her again and also my old ex colleagues. XD It was a short meetup, but we talked all night.

Sometimes it’s nice to give a sudden surprise visit to your close friends or family members. :D But do make sure they are available hahaha else you ended up meeting no one. Happened to me before. =.=

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Miao Jumping Out of a Plane

Remember the auntie sat next to me? Well, she’s not exactly weird but….

Gosh!!!! She cough like talking. Why you no cover your mouth??!!!

All the germsss!! Ewwww… When I thought it won’t get any worse…

At that moment, I feel like jumping off the plane.

Seriously, auntie, please cover your mouth up when you cough!!! It’s impolite, unhygienic, rude, and freaking disgusting larr!!! Ewww…

P/S: The last two frames are not real. Purely fiction. Just a gag for this comic. It’s not a plan, not even a thought, please do not arrest me for a comic humor. 

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Miao Approached A Girl At The Airport

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was outstation, flew to Melaka and Penang over the last two weeks. @@ Actually, I’m still in Penang now but leaving tomorrow.

in the end..

Happened when I was waiting for my flight  to Kuching. I was at the boarding hall earlier and saw this girl in the same hall with me.

I never approached a girl in public places before. So I googled up on the tips but before I managed finish reading. She stood up and walked to two halls from my hall, boarded the plane and flew away. ^^” swt

Any guys here actually ever approached a stranger before? Ladies, drop in your suggestions too. XD

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