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End of the World??

I’m a Kolok mee fan. It”s a Borneo Sarawak’s signature noodle. Sometimes I gave myself ridiculous reason to do ridiculous things. XD

Then again, sometimes i think we tends to give ourselves many excuses to do things we should do.

“Aiya, it’s too far.” 

“I’m busy, maybe call mum later”

“I feel bit lazy”

“My virtual pet just die, I don’t wanna do anything”

…and the list goes on.

P/S: kindly ignore some of the typos. I was sleepy when I draw this ^^”

And about world’s end. I don’t really care. XD  Because one’s world/life might ends anytime, so live your life to the fullest. :)

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Ninja Miao gives Surprise!


Surprised senior is surprise!

I went back to Melaka the other day just to attend my colleague’s wedding and also gave my senior a surprise. XD My senior has been a very big sister to me, always take care of me. Though, almost poisoned me. (Refer here) XD She made quite a number of appearance in this blog.

Anyway, it was a great time meeting her again and also my old ex colleagues. XD It was a short meetup, but we talked all night.

Sometimes it’s nice to give a sudden surprise visit to your close friends or family members. :D But do make sure they are available hahaha else you ended up meeting no one. Happened to me before. =.=

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Miao Jumping Out of a Plane

Remember the auntie sat next to me? Well, she’s not exactly weird but….

Gosh!!!! She cough like talking. Why you no cover your mouth??!!!

All the germsss!! Ewwww… When I thought it won’t get any worse…

At that moment, I feel like jumping off the plane.

Seriously, auntie, please cover your mouth up when you cough!!! It’s impolite, unhygienic, rude, and freaking disgusting larr!!! Ewww…

P/S: The last two frames are not real. Purely fiction. Just a gag for this comic. It’s not a plan, not even a thought, please do not arrest me for a comic humor. 

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