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Festive Season

Happy belated Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day.. so

May all couples stay happy together.




but it’s Chap Goh Mei too.

Chap Goh Mei (The 15th Night of CNY) marks the end of Chinese New Year. Coincidentally, it’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day and also a day where foreveralones write their contacts on a mandarin and toss them into the river hoping another foreveralone from the opposite gender pick it up. lol. So a…

to the foreveralones too.


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Festive Season

Happy Chinese New Year

It’s the only holiday, I don’t feel like doing anything hahaha even I have tonnes of works or even to blog. LOL

Happy Holiday to all !!

and I will see you soon !!

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Festive Season

Chinese New Year Snack Shopping

Angry Sister is angry. Hahahah In the end, we didn’t buy the PS4 and Crabs.

but we did irritate my sister…

by being unreasonable. LOL

On the side note, do you buy and prepare the snacks you like to eat or the snacks the visitor might love to eat for festive like this or any other similar festive like Raya , Gawai and Deepavali?

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