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Festive Season

What is Gawai???

but a short one tho. I gonna make a series of more detailed Sarawak posts after my Sarawak Road trip post

Hehehe stay tune yo ^^ so….

Yes we non Dayaks also join in the fun and visits our friends or relatives (if we have any).


Rather than I explained via comics,


Here are 2 series of web films done by Petronas in conjunction of Kaamatan and Gawai in 2013. I really love these series from Petronas, it kinda like a brief summary on what Kaamatan and Gawai is about.

Do check out these vids on the Gawai celebration back in the longhouse.

(Click here to watch Sabah’s Kaamatan festival web series)

Kinda interesting right? Petronas really have done a good job here to promote the two big festivals of Sabah and Sarawak with these vids. They even documented some of the rituals. Many of these Dayak rituals kinda disappear with time without anyone to inherit from them.

I heard from an uncle during my last Gawai visit to Longhouse (read here if you have not about my trip back longhouse) that there’s a Gawai Eve festival called the Gawai Antu, it is where they celebrate for the dead. In one of the rituals, they will sing the song in reverse in order for those from the afterlife hear them. Awesome, right? Hehehe

Hmm maybe I should do some posts for the rituals or Dayak folktale I heard of. XD

Anyway, if you guys have any more things to ask, feel free to drop in the comment box; If there’s a need, I will create another post hehehe to explain and answer any Gawai related questions. I love sharing stuff about my Sarawak. hehehe

I can’t help out with Kaamatan part tho, as I’m also clueless. Hahaha They might seems alike but actually a bit different


in terms of how they celebrate them.  I also found out after watching Petronas vids hahaha.

Oh oh I think they are doing another for this year’s Kaamatan and Gawai.  > v < Can’t wait for them. Here’s the webfilm.

Link to their page

Okay lar..

Do comments or like or share and I will draw more Sarawak posts in future ya  ^ ^

It’s best to know about your country more right? hehehe

There are so many tales to tell.

One about these 2 Iban brothers where one of them turned into the King of Ghost.

Last but not least…

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Festive Season

You can’t believe what I bought for my mum for Mother’s Day.

So it was Mother’s Day yesterday.

So to make my mum happy, I bought junkfood/snacks for my mum. XD That’s what my mum love and what makes her happy. My dad doesn’t like it tho, so I kinda smuggled it to my mum. hahahaha

Tho in the end, Papamiao still found out about it.

Run Ma Run!!! Take the snacks with you!!!

I found out as my parents grew older, they really are turning into kid/teenagers bit by bit. XD My dad now are in his teens and kept hanging out with his friends. XD

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are mothers. :)

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Festive Season

Happy belated Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day.. so

May all couples stay happy together.




but it’s Chap Goh Mei too.

Chap Goh Mei (The 15th Night of CNY) marks the end of Chinese New Year. Coincidentally, it’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day and also a day where foreveralones write their contacts on a mandarin and toss them into the river hoping another foreveralone from the opposite gender pick it up. lol. So a…

to the foreveralones too.


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