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Festive Season

Thank you and Happy New Year!

It’s been a roller coaster ride over the year. I met so many new friends and readers and received so much love from you all. Thank you all for being with Miao on this journey to take over the world.

Hopefully this 2017 year, I can bring more of Miao to you all and create this journey and story together. 🙂

Here I would like to wish all Miaonians a Happy New Year and all the best and great happiness in this year. Paw-Five!

Festive Season

Miaorry Christmas

Miaoorryy Christmas to all~~~
Wishing all a Happy Holiday~~

*Climb back into my bed*

Festive Season

Sarawak Day

Wooha! Happy Holiday to all Sarawakians!

After 53 years of celebrating independence day of our fellow partner in the federation of Malaysia and honoring their heroes, we can finally honor our past leaders and fighters and celebrating the end of colonization on our Fairland this year.

Dum Spiro Spero!

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