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Chap Goh Mei 2016

Today marks the end of Chinese New Year Fesival but in a bad way…

It has been raining since the first day of Chinese New Year and many areas in Kuching-Serian Division are flooded. 🙁 Sad time for the people who are suffering from the flood.

Oddly, you can’t find any news about it in Peninsular Malaysia, suddenly feel that Sarawak is like the abandoned partner in Malaysia.  Anyway…

Pray that the rain will stop soon


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Miao&WafuPafu Book Reviews

Here’s some book reviews I found for my book. If you have not gotten my book, here are some reviews to read to get some idea what is it about 🙂 Just click on the links.

Review I: A Miao-nificient read by Ann-Marie Khor

Review II: ‘Once Upon a Miao’: Jian Goh’s Cat City childhood reviewed by Alan Wong


Review IV: “Once Upon a Miao” by Eatwhateatwhere

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Best KL Hotel Ever because of an Orange Cat

What’s best about the hotel is their customer service!

Hahaha okay I exaggerate a bit but honestly the customer service was very welcoming.

Totally not because they got me a miao cake. lol *koff koff*

Seriously, a cat-cake for me! How can it not be the best hotel. hahahaha


Hahaha okay, joke aside. It wasn’t my first stay with Dorsett. Previously I have been staying with them in Chengdu and it was an awesome experience. (Read the posts here 1, 2, 3).

I just love how Dorsett Hotel rooms are designed.

Elegant and spacious.

And the color scheme makes the space very comfortable to be in. I felt totally relaxed whenever I’m back in the room. I think one day I shall have my bedroom designed this style. XD

What makes Dorsett Hotel greater is their customer service. Dorsett staffs always seems welcoming and would always check both with your well being in the hotel and the day/trip you just had and would suggest something that would make it better. Last time in Chengdu, they brought us food in the midnight and recommended an awesome body massage the next day.

This time, they found out I was going to my book sign on that trip and decided to prepare a cake before hand.

It really came in as a surprise. I was really overwhelmed by it.  Thank youuuu so much for the cake and <3,  Dorsett KL I wasn’t expecting that at all.

If you going to visit KL, just stay Dorsett KL, no need think. hahaha

Now, they are having a big renovation to the restaurant and lobby right now, so expecting something greater coming in 2nd Quarter of 2016. 🙂

At first, I have no idea what to do with the cake…

Luckily, I had a book signing the next day and decided to treat everyone there.

Thank you again for the awesome hospitality and also cake, everyone loves it.


Oh, for those in Kuching, I will be having my book signing this Saturday 21 November at MPH Spring and Saturday 5 December in Popular Fair Cityone. Feel free to drop by okay!

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