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Worrying for my Sunday’s Talk

Who haven’t got his book conteng do come!

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Haircut in Kuching

Many people has asked me why do I have a long hair and a bun. Well…

It’s all thanks to my sister XD

Anyone who likes to have a new haircut or hair treatment can find my sister in Tabuan Desa, Kuching.

Now they are running a soft opening promotion there.

Map to the shop as per link:

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Chap Goh Mei 2016

Today marks the end of Chinese New Year Fesival but in a bad way…

It has been raining since the first day of Chinese New Year and many areas in Kuching-Serian Division are flooded. 🙁 Sad time for the people who are suffering from the flood.

Oddly, you can’t find any news about it in Peninsular Malaysia, suddenly feel that Sarawak is like the abandoned partner in Malaysia.  Anyway…

Pray that the rain will stop soon


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