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The Day Wafu went to meet Pafu.

Friday, 18 of September marked the day King Wafu left us for Pafu.

RIP Wafu

Yes, I know its almost 2 weeks ago. So far, only those who is around me knew it since I was behaving unusual back then.

I’m so sorry that I told you guys so late. I know some of you guys kinda like him which makes me dunno how to tell you guys as it might just makes you guys unhappy.

I thought of making a cute comic strip about him going up there to find Pafu so it would seems to be something more cheering than sadding but today I happened to stumble on this post of them and it makes me misses them even more. So I decided to just let him go as how it is, no comic strip or anything, just a dedicated post for him like Pafu’s.




Almost every morning, I will check with Wafu to see whether his food and drinks still available. Then on that very Friday morning, Wafu did not woke up from his sleep. Everything was okay the day before, I still remember I helped him with his sunflower seeds.

And that very midnight/early morning, Wafu left us quietly in his dream.


Quoting my own words back then from here:

“And there are times when they went their own separate ways….But no matter how the day is, they will end up sleeping together.”


And in the end, they really are sleeping together under the big tree behind my apartment.

May Wafu rest in peace and I hate myself for being a bad pet owner.

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Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore

Nominated for Nuffnang Award

Nominated for Nuffnang Award-1





Its not a dream tho it really looks like 1 as I’m one of the finalist for the upcoming

Nuffnang Regional Blog Award.

This is so exciting!! I never thought I would actually being in the finalist for the Best Original Blog Design.  *Dance!!* ^^

The most exciting part about this is I’m going to Singapore for the first time!!! And this time fully sponsored!! Woohooo!! Hopefully the merlions there won’t bully the kampung cat. 😛

Anyway, do check out the finalists as I found quite a number of interesting blogs from there.  ^^ Hohoho I gonna have some readings to do these days. XD


And for those who is interested to vote, can either click HERE or check out the poll on my sidebar.

All you need to do is click on the name of the nominees you want, but all 12 categories need to be voted before you can submit your votes. ^^

Anyway, I would like to say thank you for those who nominated me ^^ and also thousands thanks to those who voted or is going to vote for me.  animatedmuax

On the side note, I think the chances of me winning is very slim as the other finalists really have great designs but regardless I’m still going to Singapore…

Nominated for Nuffnang Award-2

..if I  have the life to go.. @@

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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Happy Birthday Miao

Happy Birthday Miao-1

Happy Birthday Miao-2







Happy Birthday Miao-3

And there’s how Miao came to this world 24 years ago!! ^^ Yeah!! Its my birthday~~~ Woohooo! And exactly around this time… Wahahaha…

Happy Birthday Miao-5

Compare to last year, this year it was totally different!! As I have you all!! I received soooo much Birthday wishes over the Twitter, Facebook, SMSes and Calls. ^^ So happy can die!!!!

And I even purposely go and call some of my close friends and make they wish me Happy Birthday! Wahahahaha..

So what did I get this year?

– a free meal from my colleagues at a Korean Restaurant

– a Birthday Ang Pow from my eldest Sister!!

– a nice awesome gift from Johnny Walker!! Will let you guys about it soon ^^

– a dedicated Birthday post for me by Stephanie ^^

and not forgetting these two awesome gift from my two readers.



Gosh~ *tears* they went through all those hard work just for my pressie. *touched*

Muax!! Love you guys so much!!!




Any words from the birthday cat? Hmmm….

Like how they all say I’m all Grown up d and now a Big Boy d. LOL

Happy Birthday Miao-4

but I can’t see any difference LOL!!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!! 😀

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