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Playground in the Clouds

Though it’s not 100% complete but at least I got the banner out.

Actually, I had many concepts I wanted to try but my skills and technique level  was a limit for them.

Hopefully, in my coming theme I can come out with the concept I really wanted. 😀

Anyway, check out the drafts I made and some non release arts.

Scribbles and scribbles. XD

Initially, I was thinking of doing a Miao and Beanstalk thingy since we have all the clouds.

Then I changed my mind to a Sky Pirate concept.

Turning clouds into Sea, and making a pirate ship with all my characters as the crews.

Pirate Ship is not an easy thing to draw, then suddenly I had another idea..

Making an island in the clouds instead of a ship.

It will be something like Robinson Crusoe concept but that will be a concept for another day. 😛

This will be part of that concept. 😀


Anyway, hope you guys like the playground theme. :)

You can visit my Download page for the wallpaper.

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Tofu, the family’s Newest Member




Weee got myself a new pet!!! 😀 Its a bunny rabbit!!

And its a white one!! I named it Tofu ( beancurd ) since its white like Tofu!!

Yes, all my pets’ name ends with a fu. XD

So now we have Wafu Pafu and Tofu… ^^

Now I wondering, what I gonna do with my blog name..

Miao and WafuPafuTofu?? or Miao and the FUs??


And today I just found out something…


Remind me not to kiss Tofu. :/







😛 I haven’t got myself another new Pet but I certainly will  get a Cat or a Bunny for my next pet in future.

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In The Clouds Theme


At last, no more Red Red Dong Dong Chiang Theme.

The new theme is here!! Yipple!!!

This time we’re going to the sky, that’s why you can notice all the clouds in the banner and only clouds 😀

Hehehe.. its not complete yet actually.. but at least better than having the same CNY theme right?


Hahaha…Just kidding, Miao, Wafu, Pafu and others will be added later.

(When I got the concept and idea.. what are they doing in the sky.. XD)

So what do you think about the new theme?

Do you like the colors? And what do you think they might be doing in the clouds. 😀

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