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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Apparently, human is not the first one to reach the moon.

Happy Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival to all my Chinese/ Buddhists readers. 🙂


I used to do greetings posts like this on almost all the festive seasons we have here in Malaysia but this year I kinda busy that I missed out most of them. I even missed out Hari Raya, Independence day..etc :/ Anyway, hopefully I can get back on track and posts more! I have so many stories to share. 😀

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Hatyai’s post will be delayed a while. :3

Anyway, Miao and WafuPafu wishes all a Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers out there ^^!!

I want Duit Raya!!! Thank you 😀

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Home Sweet Home~

Weeeeeeeeeeee I’m back in my hometown at last but for 5 days only :/

Regardless, I’m so gonna eat like a Garfield during this 5 days in Kuching.

Wakakakaka… XD

Well.. that’s all for now.. I better go get some awesome Sarawak food!!

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