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Start the New Year with a Collaboration

Good Morning All!!!!

Woohooo!!! It’s a Brand New Year!!!  Miao&WafuPafu wishes all the BEST and nothing but the BEST for your 2012!!!

May all your dreams and resolutions come true this year, the last year!! (like what the MAYANS said)


Chase all your Dreams!!!

Fulfill all your Resolutions!!!



It’s my dream to group all the comic bloggers together to make something big and different. And last year, I managed to create the Comic Doodle Blogger Group and gathered some comic bloggers together for a Malaysia Day Collab. It had been growing pretty well 😀

And since 2012  is here, we made something for this New Year.

First, check out the teaser below made by Kyo from Koudamainframe

Since it’s 2012, we thought of making a Doom’s Day theme.

and here’s my story.. 😀

*click to read *

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Preorder: Calendar 2012

Check this out!!

We can haz a Calendar for 2012!! Weee!!

For more info, please click  here.

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Chingy Robbing You

As you know the Nuffnang Regional Blog Award is here!! Some may not know that the finalist list is out!! Unfortunately, your truly, me failed to make it to the final.

Nonetheless, it’s great to hear that one of our Comic Doodle Blogger members, Chingy managed to get into the final!! Woohoo!! Go Comic Bloggers!!

So those who support comic blogging~ Do support our Chingy as well~~~ 😀

Click the banner below and start voting for her at “Most Original Blog Design” Thankkkk youuu~~

At the same time, I need to self reflect and work hard and improve Miao&WafuPafu 🙂 

Speaking of Wafu Pafu…

They just minus another life from me..

Why they always want to kill me T3T






Click here if you don’t understand why Nuffnang Boy (the Grey Guy wanna kill me)

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