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Pre-orders Miao’s First T-shirt Now!! [Closed]

Pre-order is officially closed. :) Thanks for those who support!

For those who wish to buy can buy them when they are release later.


Yeah~~~ Finally, I got Miao&WafuPafu printed on the T-shirt. Well, the T-shirt haven’t out yet. The whole process takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. So it will be out on the last week of December, hopefully before Christmas *prays hard*

Currently, I’m having a 3 days pre-order sales, you can reserve the shirt with the size you want at a cheaper price. As I print the shirt batch by batch in a limited quantity, some size might out of stock later on, so it’s better to pre-order first.

Promotion ends early at 1:00am, 06-12-2010, Monday. :)

As international shipping is too expensive, the pre-order promotion with free shipment is offer to my fellow readers who are staying in Malaysia only. For Singaporean readers who is still interest to pre-order, you may email me at

For those who asked, the payment can be made via online transfer/bank in to my bank account (CIMB). Any extras will be refund with the shirt.  More detailed info will be included in the mail when you order :)

Well, that’s all for now. :)  Will talk more about the design on my coming post.

Oyah, do help to spread about the sales around ya :)


Pre-order is officially closed. :) Thanks for those who support!

For those who wish to buy can buy them when they are release later.

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Wallpaper: Miao&WafuPafu Can’t Wait for Christmas

Wheeee new banner~~~  Just a small revamp, a little add on here and there and also a color change. Hope you guys like the small changes. You can download the wallpapers from Miao&WafuPafu Facebook Page Photo Album. :)

I will try to update more wallpapers and if possible emoticons too :). By the way, do stay tune for December because there will be another version of the banner.

Oh! I almost forgot! Christmas is coming!!!!!! *dances*  Stand tune for next post, HongKong 2nd day and see me in Cosplay!!

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Back to Reality

I’m back~~~

Yes, I’m back already :P. It’s just a 2 days 2 nights trip.

Yesterday morning was so funny, I actually woke up from my bed and still thought I was in Hong Kong. The moment I woke up, I was thinking what to do and where to visit later on, the food like dim sum and places like Mongkok all popped up in my mind.

And when I noticed the boxes of books and a cupboard of mosquitoes, I just realized I’m already back in Malaysia :( so sad can. Although the trip was rather short but it was fun and I even met some cool people.

Anyway, I will update my Hong Kong trip once I finish compile the photos, k. :)

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