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Miao’s going Home

T_______T huhuhu why my dad sounds so kesian (pity)

which is located on the world third largest island 901.95 km away across the South China Sea. XD

After 8 years over’sea’, I’m going back to my family 3 years ahead of my schedule.

Well, it kinda sadden me when the thought of parents staying alone at home while the kids working, traveling, partying, enjoying themselves outside there comes across my mind.

 Although, most parents would like to see their children to success in their career and life but I do believe there’s a little part in them  that would have their children accompany them or at least get to see or hear their children.

So go home today or call your family up today and say hi 😛

Anyway, let’s go to my hometown~~~


”  I’m coming home~

Coming home~~

Tell the world I’m coming home~~  


Well, my flight was a week after my resignation date. XD

Penang Food!! Prepare for trouble!! 😀

P/S: Actually I already back in Kuching 2 weeks ago. The post a bit delay. Sorry about that. 😛


New Theme New Wallpaper: Kuching City

Time to replace your Chinese New Year Wallpaper with a wallpaper of my city!!

The Cat City, Kuching!!

I drew it based on this photo..

but I think i somehow got the size wrong XD but still it’s better than my first drawing of the city…this

It took me hours to draw this but I ended redraw the whole thing for another few more hours. XD Anyway, hope you guys like it. 🙂 You can get them at my DOWNLOAD page

Oh, in case you don’t know, I’m from Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak which located on the Borneo Island. It’s the fourth largest city in Malaysia and the most populous city on the Borneo island. It’s a very interesting city that not much people knows about it.

Usually, this is what the people thinks of…




Will tell you more about my little city in future. 🙂

Oh anyone here been there before or are from Kuching, please raise up your paws!!


Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

We from Miao&WafuPafu would like to wish everyone

oh here’s a human version of Miao and WafuPafu

May this Dragon Year brings Joy, Fortune, Happiness and lot’s of Greatness to all!!


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