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Collaboration: Miao on TheMingThing

Suppose to write about my mooncake story but I got a better one 😀  A video!!!  Uh hum, just sit back and click the play button below and enjoy. Purrfect to end the Monday Blue.

But but before that, let me talk for a while about this video. XD

It’s actually a collaboration with TheMingThing, one of our awesome Malaysia Youtubers. I have been following his youtube channels with other youtubers like Dan, Jinny them and turned out he is one of my reader. O_O   Small world.

And somehow we came up with this video after that. Lol..

Hope you enjoy 🙂



 Do subscribe to him !!

TheMingThing Youtube channel,  TheMingThing Facebook,  TheMingThing Twitter

P/S: A big thanks to Swoozie for the inspiration.




Oh, an annoucement to make. I will be attending the Churpout event this coming 13th October (Saturday) at Publika. Do come and visit me. 🙂 cause I will feel so lonely and foreveralone there counting spider webs if no one visit me. huhu

Hmmm maybe if anyone who brings me fish will get a cartoon of you draw on the spot by me. 😀

For more info, do check out Churpout official site. or the FB event page here. ^^


Animation: Happy 49th Birthday Malaysia!!

Yep!! Today is Malaysia’s Birthday.  Happy Malaysia Day!!

You can check out this video I found on Youtube.

There’s some old photos and videos.



Oh, remember the Short film Animation, I mentioned the other day?

Well here it is.

The theme suppose to be about unity.

 Yes, I know. I got carry away.

Next time, I will make sure Eggyolk reminds me not to carry away. ^^”



Announcement Rant

Miao trying to know Girls.

Part 1 if you haven’t read. 🙂

Last post, my age is in the way.

This time, my look is in the way.


Oh, Thank You for the blessings and comments from the previous post. Unfortunately No One actually answered correctly.

And I’m Not 28 year old yet. T3T I saw many people answer this, maybe because of the “the 28 million years”. It suppose to be the date Dinosaur extinct which I got it wrong, actual time is 65 million years ago.

And my Birthday Wish shall Remain as a Secret since no one got it right. I have been wishing for this for almost 10 years, and it never happened. XD Anyway, I still gonna Give out the Case Randomly to the commentors.

I just used a random selector app from and the winner goes to Daniel Ho from the 32th comment. Please drop a comment here if you see this.

Don’t worry, I might organize another contest in future. 🙂

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