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Animated Miao!!

After 2 months of work, finally it’s done! XD My very own animated video.

Tho it’s just a trailer for my books and far from being a complete but it’s a start! Hopefully we will have fund to run a whole season.

In case you’re wondering why the lack of updates, I do update but on my Facebook as I have some issues with image hosting at the site here.

Do drop me a comment if you only can access my site and not my Facebook, then I will try my best to keep the site as updated as my Facebook. 🙂

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My ass…. T3T my fragile ass

On a serious note:


  1. It’s freaking far, 33km for small circle and 42km for the big circle. Cycling alone to the Ticket center is 14km back and forth.
  2.  Bicycle costs 2-7 USD per day depends on the bicycle condition. E-bike cost 10USD but the battery can last 35km and it takes an hour charging for extra 5km ride.
  3.  The seat is hard, your ass crack gonna hurt.
  4. Just take a tuktuk, it’s only 18 – 25 USD a day which can be shared by 2-4.
  5. or you can ride a motorcycle but I do not have a license. XD

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