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Festive Season

Happy Mooncake Festival: A Visitor from Moon.

my stomach.

Well, not sure it’s wrong time wrong place or right time right place.. XD

Nevertheless, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Day or Mooncake Festival Day!! No, there’s no holiday but its a weekend. So go out, eat all the mooncakes!!







What??? You thought I ate the lebbit??!!

How could youuu T____T

P/S: The Mooncake festival is tomorrow 😛

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Miao’s World’s Furthest Distance

RAWR!! who put the cleanser soo far away. I need my reading material..

Not sure my hands are too short or the facial cleanser is far. =.=

Somehow in the end I manage to reach the facial cleanser…

but it rolled down and fall off the other side. =.=

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A Must Bring Item for Toilet Business

Yes. It’s now a must bring item to the toilet. XP

It’s so boring during “chocolate cake business”. I used to bring books but they always ended up wet. ><

The other day, I really forgot to bring my smartphone. And I called out for my sister. Initially, she thought I’m asking for toilet papers. XD but when I said I want my phone. She ignored me. =.= Stupid sister. Hmph!

Then again, her response is better than Pafu as he…

huhuhu…Pafu is a bad hamster…huhu


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