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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

It’s complicated to explain why hahaha and when we talked.. most of the time, it goes something like this..



 Nevertheless, we still show our care and love …

in a very different way… ^^” (MamaMiao love soft drinks. :P)

Since today is mother’s day..I wanna say







May my mum and everyone mum’s healthy, happy and live long. 🙂



My Mum Can Read Minds

Sorry for the slow update over this week. I have been kinda busy. 

What a coincidence!!! My mum said the exact thing I thought in mind.  O_O

Maybe my mum have superpowers???




And so I test it again..

but she didn’t respond.

I’m not sure my mum can read that or not and choose to ignore but one thing for sure, I’m going to hell for that. 😐



Miao as the acting Head of the Family

My first day to take care of the family and I already failed to prepare the meals for my family. 😛 Now that I’m working from home, it’s easily to lost track of time since there’s no more colleagues telling me that the office hour already passed and it’s time to go home.

Then again, now my working period is 24/7, waking up in my office and sleeping in my office.  😐  LOL. Oh, in case you’re wondering what I do now. I’m a freelance designer now. XD Draw for life!! Wheee!!

Before that, gonna catch a breakfast first else I will not have any life to draw. XD hahaha..

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