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OneShot: That Moment..

I was cleaning up the items in my laptop and found some photos in some of my old folders. Looking back at the photos from 2 years ago, I found out I really grew fatter over the years :/ like A LOT.

Sometimes I wonder what happened? Not like I ate a lot……… i think. *koff koff*  *whistle*


Oh, if you like to read more of One Shot comics like this, you can visit my Facebook Page. I often shared my One Shot comic strips there and sometimes you can find some interesting photos as well as videos like How to Train your Dragon : Short movie etc beside the regular blog updates notifications. 🙂

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Annoyed Housemate is Annoyed

Hahahaha Beside the habit of playing the same song over and over again, I always sing along with it. XD

Eventually, my housemate got annoyed and went to my room and complained. 😛

In the end, I have no choice to change the song 🙁

What? I changed my song already what 😛 Hahaha consider a blessing if you’re not my housemate XD

Oh, now I no longer his housemate. :/ Tell you why in coming posts.

Oh, what have you guys been listening to? Share please.. I need new songs.. to sing *koff koff*






Gonna share some videos to you guys again :3 I bet you still remember the video I shared on this post right?

Have you check out the 3 possible reasons videos? Here’s one of the complete story of it.

Sometimes, we humans tend to judge and assume things before we really understand the whole scenario and ended up with misunderstandings or worst with regrets. :/ So if you have any doubts or any matter you unsure of, don’t you think it would be best to just call the person up and ask straight away?

Sometimes, it doesn’t even need a reason to call someone you care bout. If you need one, probably this is a good one. 🙂


End of Advertorial



April Pranking!!

Not gonna prank you all this year. Just wanna share this prank I did when I was small XD






Apparently ,not angry doesn’t means you can escape from punishment. I was punished to stand outside the class for the whole class. teacher was not sporting enough. Teacher, Y U NO sporting??

Do check out the pet rabbit Tofu prank I did on my readers if you have not. 😀

Happy April Fool Day! Have you got prank yet?

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