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Penang Trip

Penang Trip: To the Sea

Like most of the cats, I’m afraid of water. :/

I will have cold sweat whenever I’m surrounded by waters. It doesn’t matter I’m on a big cruise ship, sampan or even across the bridge. If I have 80% of deep water around me, my hands will start sweating XD.

Then again, I like water activities XD like pretending to swim, water slides etc as long as I can touch the bottom of the pool hahaha… I remembered I almost drown to death twice before in the pool when I accidentally swam to a deeper area.  😛

Anyway, here’s some photos from Penang. 🙂

All taken with Samsung Galaxy S2 with 360 Camera App (Vintage mode) as my DSLR lens die off  that day 🙁


The Jetty

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kong Kongsi

Random shots

Nyonya house

Food! Just some of them. The others I finished before I get the chance to take a photo of them. XD

Thanks to my buddy Scorpionade, boss BossMeow and her boss and the awesome photographer, Nix for the company over the two days 🙂 Awesome place. Might revisit it again somewhere in near future with my family 🙂

Penang Trip

Miao Staying in a Mixed Dorm

Not sure why but it turns out the whole room was mine XD hohoho..

It was my first time stay in a Dorm. Since I’m traveling alone, so there’s no need to stay somewhere like super awesome as I will be out all the time.

No matter, I still quite happy that I paid for a bed but got the whole room in return..

then again…

You know what they always say about empty spaces.. @@

Something might just occupy them… jeng jeng jeng..

It will be so sca… oh wait… 😐


How to Travel to Penang from Melaka by Bus.

And that’s how you travel from Melaka to Penang by bus. Use above method at your own risk. 😛 Work well for pigs and big sleepers. XD

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