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Boring on Valentine.

Hahaha so bored that we messaging instead of ask directly.



Oh ya, we went for Valkyrie yesterday.


The story based on a true story about an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hilter and take over the German Government from his evil hand.

The story was so-so but at least its better than yawning at home. This week has been a boring week, so boring that I went to the cinema three times.

Hahaha maybe I went outings too much previously that it makes me feel boring if I’m didn’t go out.

This is how my Valentine went.. how’s yours?

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Festive Season

Where’s the Real Cupid?

Ever wonder where’s the real cupid if Miao has replaced him as Miao-pid?




And our Little God of Luv turned into a God of Hatred in the end.

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Festive Season

Valentine Theme

Tada!!! My New Template for Valentine.

Cupid Hamsters and Cupid Miao is going to do some hunting and shooting 😀

So how do you guys think about the new theme? Like it?

(P/S: Best view in Firefox, as in IE I have some problem getting the footer right. Will fix it tomorrow.)

As usual, I made wallpapers for the theme. You can download them from HERE.

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